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Meet Sarah

I have always been deeply curious about the human body and love to share what I've learned. After struggling with IBS and chronic bloating and inflammation for well over a decade, I began to discover how to apply my curiosity to the messages of my body which were coming in the form of pain, indigestion, emotional overwhelm. Through Yoga, Pilates, and various coaching techniques I came to heal my own body and as always, felt compelled to share the methods that worked for me and those methods I have seen work for others.

A holistic approach to well-being


"Life is a journey not a destination" might be a cliché but when it comes to health and well-being it couldn't be more true. Strawberry Health is all about meeting you where you are on your journey and helping you to be present on your path so you can get out of pain and feel great. 

Our In-Home Studio


Equipment, etc.


My home studio is equipped with a Balanced Body (BB) studio reformer with an infinity foot bar which makes it adaptable to taller and shorter clients. I also have a BB Combo Chair, a Springboard, and a Pilates arc. 

Smaller props I use with frequency are yoga blocks and straps, resistance bands, a "magic circle," and squishy ball.


Gymnastic rings: One incredibly undervalued but crucial human skill is the ability to hang. While the rings are as adaptable as a TRX system and can be used for modifying push ups and rows, they also are unmatched in developing the upper body strength required for dynamic hanging skills, climbing, swinging, etc. 

As my practice and teaching evolve I have come to see the gymnastic rings as an indispensable tool for any movement studio.

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Marlene C.

Over the course of a year, I have built up enough core strength so that I no longer have chronic lower back pain. And while my balance has always been horrible, with Sarah showing me proper foot and knee alignment and weight distribution, I see incremental improvement there, too. And with yoga classes, I have learned how to connect breath and body flexibility along with mindfulness. For someone who has avoided the mind/body connection for most of her life, I really can't emphasize enough what a game changer it's been for me to have found someone like Sarah to show me the path. Try a class, you'll be hooked, too! _Marlene C

Renee P & Loretta G.

I have taken both private and group pilates sessions with Sarah. I love it when she kicks my butt on the Reformer! I am a runner and the workouts she takes me through make my hips feel like butter! -Renee P

Although my leg is still weak, the constant pain I was experiencing seems to have disappeared thanks to the classes. Thank you so much!

-Loretta G.



Valerie A.

Sarah was totally focused on me throughout the session and was adept at correcting my postures and making sure that I did not over extend or injure myself. She asked me insightful and anatomically sound questions that helped me explain my issues and refocus my body awareness to those areas. Pilates is HARD to learn and the breath work that accompanies it is particularly challenging for me. I often get very frustrated when trying to learn a new pilates move while using the proper breath techniques. Sarah used skill and humor to help me with these hurdles and I had a few light bulbs of understanding go off. -Valerie A

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